Conditions Of Holocaust Prisoners Concentration Camps During The Holocaust

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Imagine traveling to an unknown location, with 100 other human beings in an overcrowded train car, without an food or drink, for days. This is what Holocaust prisoners faced every time they were transported to a new concentration camp. One of the worst being Auschwitz. Unlike most concentration camps, Auschwitz was made up of about 40 other wicked facilities. Also, the camp is known for having the highest death count compared to any other concentration camp. Auschwitz was the most brutal concentration camp in Europe during the Holocaust. A little over 40 small facilities made up Auschwitz. However, they all had the same unbelievable conditions. Every sub camp passed their capacity limit, by thousands. They all had inadequate shelter and were all unsanitary. Minimal food is another hard factor the prisoners had to deal with. In fact, in Buna, one of the 40 facilities that made up Auschwitz, only gave their prisoners a bowl of watered down soup and a scrap of bread. This was not daily though, maybe once or twice a week. Lastly, they were all worked to exhaustion. If the prisoners were to…show more content…
An estimated 1.1- 1.5 million people died at Auschwitz. The reason for the range in numbers is because the people who were marked as unfit were never registered, instead taken straight to the gas chambers. Gas chambers were the most frequently used killing device. Zyklon-B gas was used in them to slowly kill the prisoners. Corpse cellars and crematory ovens are other devices used to kill them. Dr. Josef Mengele, nicknamed "Angel of Death," performed medical experiments on some prisoners beginning in 1943. Some of these experiments include shooting serum into twins hearts to see if they would die of the same systems and at the same rate. The killing of prisoners was not something other prisoners cried about, instead it was just apart of life in the concentration
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