Conditions That Are A Risk For Medical Treatment

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Conditions That Are a Risk to Medical Treatment:
There are always many risk factors to consider before proceeding with any type of medical treatment; however we have to weigh up the risks and benefits to a procedure in order to achieve the best result, such as improving someone’s quality of life. It is always best though if these risks can be avoided though, or the reducing the chance of them occurring. The methods of reducing a medical risk will be dependent on the condition in which the patient is in, and sometimes it may be best for the patient to not receive any treatment if the risks are just too great and the chance of the patient benefiting from the treatment is low as well. This decision is quite common in cases which involve elderly patients. The older you become, the more your body deteriorates, and the less able it is to heal quickly and produce new cells. A common risk when operating on an elderly patient is that ‘age increases the risk of aortic aneurysm in particular as there’s greater risk of blood vessels bursting due to dilated blood vessels’ . This type of risk is very severe and may be considered too great a risk to carry out the surgery. Added to the many risks of what can go wrong in surgery it has to be considered that should something go wrong during surgery, what is the likelihood of the patient recovering? With elderly people the chances of recovering are much less than a young adult, so in such cases doctors have to decide if the patient would be…
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