Conditions of Immigration for Koreans Moving to Canada

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Conditions of Immigration for Koreans Moving to Canada Korean immigration to North American has been increasing in recent decades, but that movement has primarily been between South Korea and Canada instead of the United States. Several reasons for this trend exist, but it is primarily financial. The immigration was not really a factor of the Korean conflict because the wave did not begin until long after that war was reduced to its current border skirmishes. The reason for the immigration was a relaxation of Canadian visa restrictions, and the fact that Canada received preferred nation status. Since the population in Canada has now grown quite large, it is interesting to look at how the demographics have changed. This paper looks at how the Korean people came to Canada, where they settled, and the successes and failures they have had as a people in the provinces. Where are They from? The Korean community in Canada is a relatively recent immigrant block, but they are also one of the fastest growing. Of the two Koreas, South Korean immigrants to Canada far outweigh those from the North, but there are people coming from both regions. Korean Canadians will generally advertise themselves as simply Korean rather than as being from either the North or the South because of the ethnic purity of the people. The immigrants are also from every corner of Korea with no specific province indicated as having a greater number of emigrants than any other. When did They Get Here?
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