Conditions of the Concentration Camps During the Holocaust Essay

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Adolf Hitler’s rise to power in 1933 and his sudden control over Germany sparked a new age of reform within the new “Nazi-state” (Hunt 848). As Nazism became a major aspect of everyday life in Germany, Hitler plotted against his enemies and those he blamed for Germany’s defeat in World War I: the Jewish race. In his biography, Mein Kampf, Hitler discusses the artistic, social, and technological superiority of Germany (“Aryans”), why he believes the Aryans are the ultimate dominant human race, and he makes many anti-Semitic remarks against the Jews. (Lualdi 224). In 1935, the “Nuremberg Laws” were enacted to deny Jewish Germans of their citizenship; this ultimately led Hitler to carry out his “Final Solution,” in which he hoped to fully…show more content…
The select others, usually consisting of stronger-looking young males and teenagers, would then be searched, stripped of their possessions, disinfected of any germs or disease, have their heads shaved, and be given tattered clothing (Hunt 865). These victims were subjected to living like abused, wild animals. As described in the novel, The Tragedy of Nazi Germany, “Camp inmates were degraded and debased to a subhuman level…They were scarecrows with match-stick thin limbs. Their shaven heads were hangdog and dirty, their skins scaly and scabby with sores and starvation,” (Phillips 185). Inmates were malnourished, for they were given the smallest scraps of food only to suffice for energy to produce labor; lack of clothing and food during the harsh conditions of the winter caused many to fall ill and die of disease; they were punished for the simplest mistakes, and these punishments consisted of “cruel beatings and torture which often killed the weakened emaciated bodies,” (Phillips 185). After World War II, these horrifying conditions had resulted in the deaths of approximately six million Jews, and about five million other minority groups within Europe (Hunt 865). How did the inmates that overcame these dreadful conditions manage to survive and find liberation after a period of pure ignorance and
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