Condoleezza Rice Essay

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“I don’t ever remember thinking that I was an exceptional student, segregation was just always in my way”, Condoleezza once said looking back on her difficult childhood. Segregation played a huge part in Condoleezza Rice’s life. Whether it took place during the times of her childhood or even while she held her position as Secretary of State. No matter how tough times became for Rice, she always held her head up high and never gave up. It’s evident that Condoleezza Rice is a living leader because she is determined, dedicated, and confident.

Condoleezza Rice’s determination is one of the many ways she demonstrates leadership. To begin with, Condoleezza rice received a low score on her SAT; however she didn’t let that get in the way
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No matter what Condoleezza Rice had to overcome to become who she wanted to be she would do it.

Rice was highly dedicated to her job as ‘National Security Advisor’. “The presidency is not just the president; it’s the whole team of people who are going to get things done” (Felix, 5). Condoleezza Rice always put all of her hard work in to what she did for the president. She never thought of her job as ‘National Security Advisor’ as an occupation, but instead she referred to it as a way of life. Even though Rice is presented as being diligent and hard- working, she is not known as someone who will illuminate the president’s ideas with her intelligence, but instead she only presents the basic facts making sure to leave out any of her own voiced opinions (Taking Care of Washington).

Condoleezza Rice’s dedication is evident by her many hours of work per day. Not only does Rice stay with her ridiculous schedule but, she always puts her duties first. Rice tends to only put most of her time towards her job, not her personal life. Once Condoleezza Rice settled in as secretary of state, she began to looking at her job in a whole new perspective. For instance, she works hard to keep her private opinions to herself so she can keep her image as an enigma (First Black Women to Hold Post). Whether Rice is working as a ‘Spokesperson’ or Bush’s ‘Eyes and ears’ she serves solely as intermediary, never as an
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