Condom Distribution in Public Schools Essay

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Allowing condoms to be distributed in public schools has had much controversy over the years. Many people learn about safe sex, but there are still many unwanted pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases floating around. Some schools across the United States have made it to where students are given condoms in school. On top of other alternatives, such condom distribution programs should be allowed or promoted in public schools to help reduce teen pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases.
Many questions and concerns have come about regarding this promotion of condoms being distributed in public schools. Will it lower teen pregnancy rates? Will condoms reduce sexually transmitted diseases? Will the distribution of condoms in public
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These assemblies proved to reduce statistics in birth rates among many races because of the abstinence-only education. There is no doubt that abstinence is a great and the most pure way to protect oneself from an unwanted pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases. On the other hand, Ann O’Leary stated in Beyond Condoms: Alternative Approaches to HIV Prevention, “…adolescents, particularly young adolescents, may not have the knowledge and judgment to make informed choices about methods to protect themselves…” It would not hurt to take an extra step for those who were not taught or do not have any idea what abstinence is. Also in Beyond Condoms: Alternative Approaches to HIV, O’Leary says, “It may be reasonable to admonish young people to abstain from alcohol or drug use… but asking adolescents to abstain from sexual intercourse may be qualitatively different.” Teaching students about abstinence and providing them with condoms seems a bit hypocritical, but for people who have already taken that extra step to have sex, why not help protect them? For kids who do not have that motherly or fatherly figure to sit down and talk to them about the “birds and the bees” at the age of 13, and already made the mistake, why not take the extra step to inform and also
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