Condoms And Birth Control

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Although most parents frown upon their children having sex, safe sex is still important, which is why condoms and birth control should not be permitted by the parents. For centuries now, most parents have made a point that sex is forbidden until marriage or until they have moved out the house. The effect of that, teens are very reluctant about letting their parents know that they are sexually active. So, why would a teen ask a parent to set them up on birth control, knowing they don't allow sex in the first place? They would not, unless they had some kind of death wish. It is a tough situation, with a non win- win solution. It’s either they sneak around their parents back and have unprotected sex, and possibly end up with a sexually transmitted…show more content…
With teen pregnancy rising, the need for birth control is even more mandatory as well. As well as some parents are not active enough to be there to consent birth control and condoms for their teenager in the first place as well. Sex is already a sensitive subject to discuss, and it's important to make it less awkward and taboo as possible to avoid psychological problems in the future. It would make everything harder and even more awkward than it should be by making birth control primittable. The “first time” is awkward enough, save it for that.

One of Sigmund Freud's ( a very well known psychologist) theories on sexuality was that children are born with sexual urges, and there are five stages of it. It is called the psychosexual theory. It starts from age one, and ends around the age of eighteen. It is simply human nature to have sexual urges and desires. Some experience these desires sooner than other, and some later than most.
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First off, in this world of 2017, sex is one of the biggest topics that stays trending. It is on television, in magazines, books and even in commercials. It is a tight subject to be on, and your outlook on it can either make or break how people even look at you. So, if a teen is to get in a relationship, or maybe even just a fling, sex will be brought up soon. A teen who will stay sex free in this generation will more than likely suffer for social insecurities, self-esteem issues and could even become sexually confused. Since the teen is not able to express his or her sexuality when needed, they bottle it up and keep it inside, causing mixed feelings on what sex should and should not be like. In the future, this could cause problems between whomever they marry. They never got to express it, therefore they don't know what they like until it is too late, which could also cause early divorce as well. The teen will also soon grow sexually frustrated, and irritable. Fighting normal sexual urges, while dealing with hormones can take a lot out on the brain, causing them to lash out, and push others away. The teen will then find another way to relieve stress and express themselves, which could be very violent or illegal. Not to mention the social insecurities they will endure during their teen years. Obeying your parents and staying a virgin is looked down upon by many peers and
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