Condoms In High Schools

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Should condoms be distributed in high school? Do high school students have adequate access to condoms? The following programs will introduce what programs that exist within the United States that are promoting and advocating for sexual and condom distribution in high school for teenagers. For example, programs from Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and U.S. Health Department implemented interventions in schools, a study in Los Angeles shows how sexual in high school is effective, and policies supporting sexual education in high school in Massachusetts have passed. These proactive efforts from a community, state, and national level show and support how promoting access to condoms in high school is needed. Condom distributions in high schools are being effective in some areas in the United States (U.S.). Currently, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (2015) made a community and individual base intervention called Condom Distribution Programs (CDPs). This program is available for all ages and genders to have access to condoms. This program’s purpose is to promote, increase awareness, provide cost effective sexual health care (contraceptives, HIV/STI testing, and treatment), and decrease social stigma. Their success of the program is determined by seeing who is most at risk. Their goals are creating partnership with other…show more content…
According to Blake, Sawyer, Ledsky, Lohrmann, Lehman (1998) education policies for sexual health in the state of Massachusetts are the most proactive throughout the U.S.. The Board of education in Massachusetts made a policy to have adolescents that are sexually active to conveniently have condoms and frequently use condoms to avoid getting infected with STI’s, HIV, or becoming pregnant. Although, students having condoms available at school, schools would not need to teach students how to properly use a condom (Blake et al.,
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