Conduct A Counselling Session At A Humane And Effective Manner

2369 Words10 Pages What tasks would you feel are necessary in order to conduct a counselling session in a humane and effective manner?

The tasks necessary to conduct a counselling interview in a humane and effective manner are:

Information Gathering
• Whilst gathering information related to the client it is paramount to undertake this in a sensitive and caring manner in order to gain a therapeutic alliance, this is the foundation of the counselling session as the mutual trust between the client and counsellor is vital to help achieve a successful outcome; this type of trust can take time to develop.
• Therapeutic alliance also helps the client feel that the counsellor understands how they might be feeling by showing compassion and empathy; their kind words and actions can help them feel at ease so even if the client felt angry at any time they would know that the counsellor wouldn’t judge them in a bad way, this means that they can both continue to work together in a productive and effective way.
• It is essential for the counsellor to use the mirroring technique in a positive way in order for the client to be encouraged in his objectives and self-awareness and feel comfortable relaying information to the counsellor.
Informing the client
• The counsellor should ensure that the client is aware (depending on individual circumstances) by providing information regarding other facilities that could assist the client over time. It

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