Conduct Area Canvass And Administer School Programs Essay

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Conduct Area Canvass and Administer School Programs Recruiting for the military is best described as consistently thinking ahead while constantly being immersed in the civilian world based on the concept of the 21st Century Soldier Competencies. Like other recruiter locations across the United States, my office is a single storefront surrounded by dilapidated structures and an assortment of fast food restaurants. Within a block of this establishment, it is not uncommon to see a representative sample of the entire state of Washington to include my sole college, Gonzaga University. People from all backgrounds, socioeconomic status, and all walks of life coexisting with one another are located in this area, which contributes to recruiting challenges. Within only a few miles, the terrain changes drastically from an urban center of exchange into a luscious hilly landscape that is valued by many as one of the most picturesque views in the great state of Washington. Throughout the entireness of this paper, I will explain all aspects and dimensions of my recruiting strategy for increasing numbers in Spokane, Washington. By presenting the demographics of my area, followed by my School Entry Vehicle (SEV) in the local schools, I will explain the scope of my operation. Demographics The total population in this area is 490,945 (Spokane, 2016). The Caucasian

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