Conducting Agreement

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This Business Conducting Agreement made on this ___ day of ________ 2009.


Mr/Mrs ________________________________________________ hereinafter jointly referred to as the Owners (which expression shall, unless it be repugnant to the context or meaning thereof, be deemed to mean and include its successors and assigns) on the FIRST PART


M/S. ___________________________ a Partnership firm incorporated under the Indian Partnership Act, 1932 and having its registered office at _________________________________________________________________________________________ hereinafter referred to as CONDUCTOR’ (which expression shall, unless it be
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3. CONDUCTOR shall from the Date of Commencement of the Business Agreement run a retail Store from the said premises for retailing of _______________________ & other personnel life style products as may be decided by CONDUCTOR from time to time.

4. CONDUCTOR shall be entitled to carry out fit out activities, improvements, additions and alterations, all being of non-structural nature ("Fit Out Work") in the said property from ______________________. OWNERS shall provide the said property in such a condition that CONDUCTOR shall be in a position to carry out the Fit Out Work. CONDUCTOR shall be entitled to carry out fit out Work in the said premises, provided such fit out Work does not in any way affect the foundation of the Building, structure, external appearance, symmetry or facade of the Building. Further, CONDUCTOR undertakes to complete the Fit-Out Work no later than [60] days (i.e. by ___________).

5.1 CONDUCTOR shall not carry out any structural alterations or renovations to said property. All other non-structural improvements, additions and alterations shall be carried out by CONDUCTOR subject to the written consent of OWNERS being obtained, the rules and regulations of the concerned authorities and any general rules framed by the ___________ Municipal Corporation.
5.2 In consideration of the above OWNERS has granted CONDUCTOR to use and occupy the said property and CONDUCTOR hereby agrees to pay to OWNERS monthly Minimum guarantee amount at the rate of

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