Conducting Personal Business on Company Time

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Midterm Conducting personal Business on Company Time Rennie Ramsarran Business 323 Professor Christine M. Seymour 26 March, 2013 With increasingly demanding jobs and workloads increasing in quantity, add to that a limited time in employees’ schedules, a lot of personal business and personal errands are now being run from the comfort of the office during company time. This is an observation that has been made by both employer and worker and has been embraced to some extent, though other employers have decided to punish the culprits perpetrating the development. In this exposition, the causes and in general, the above topic as a whole will be expounded. The…show more content…
In this whole scenario, there are a number of stakeholders who are affected by the actions of the employees. Both primary and secondary stakeholders feel the effects of such actions. The employee, a primary stakeholder will be affected in a variety of ways. When deciding to opt for personal engagements during work time, He might not meet the deadlines as expected of him due to lost work time. None completion of assigned tasks will attract the wrath of the supervisors who will punish the employee. The wage will be reduced, especially if calculated based on the piece rate system. The level of trust between them will reduce and future responsibilities will be directed to the employee’s colleagues. This might also deny him future promotional prospects when such a deviation is not permitted by the superiors. The company also stands to gain on one hand and to lose on the other. If the employee takes the time off during working hours, the target output expected on that particular day will not be achieved. This reduces the proceeds expected from sale of such projected target which means the goals set will not be realised at the end of the period. On the other hand, if the company has a policy that allows such breaks to undertake personal commitments, the employees will feel valued by the company. Such a gesture goes a long way in boosting employee morale and motivation. Such high esteems expressed
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