Conduction, Convection, and Radiation

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Conduction, Convection, and Radiation By: Spencer Smith Physics 2010 – Online Dr. Stone 30 April 2014 Physics is a controlling factor in our vast universe. It literally controls how our reality operates and how our existence came to be in this universe, it actually it what made our universe. When you think about physics you probably think about friction and forces but it is a much broader idea. Physics is what controls how the atoms that make up everything work with each other to form the things we see, the things we use, and even ourselves. Physics is a fundamental basis of our idea of the universe; yes there could be another parallel universe that has a different set of laws of physics but if it exists and we discover it…show more content…
As the warmer air rises it gets further away from the earth and in to thinner atmosphere where it is colder. When the air reaches these high altitudes the molecules lose energy (heat) and slow down slowly coming back towards one another joining together as water molecules, becoming heavier and they begin to sink back towards the Earth most commonly known as rain. If you have been inside a two story house and gone upstairs you probably have noticed that the upstairs is much hotter than the downstairs, this is caused by convection. The cooled air, usually by an air conditioner, releases air molecules with less energy and it diffuses throughout the house and any warm air is pushed upwards but is usually trapped by the roof of the house. Radiation is an extremely in depth area of science because it has so many forms and can do so many things that most matter can not do. “In physics, radiation is a process in which electromagnetic waves (EMR) travel through a vacuum or through matter-containing media” Technically the light we can see is a form of radiation, it is a part of the electromagnetic spectrum. The electromagnetic spectrum is a spectrum encompassing all wavelengths of light form the longest wavelengths (100 Mm) of low energy radio waves to the shortest wavelengths (1pm) of high energy gamma rays. The

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