Conestoga College's 2014: Risk Assignment

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Risk Assignment (25 marks)
Due Date: July , 2014

Conestoga College’s 2014 – 2017 Strategic Plan outlines both strategic priorities and how achievement of these priorities will be demonstrated by 2017.

You have been asked to develop a risk inventory, risk map and the general risk response you would recommend to address each risk.

Required (30 marks)

a) For each strategic priority (Building Capacity, Ensuring Quality and Promoting Sustainability), select 2 of the achievements desired by 2017 (6 in total).
b) For each achievement:
1. Identify a plausible risk event.
2. Assess the risk in terms of likelihood and impact (be sure to explain your assessments). High risk assessments should be given a weighting of 5, medium a weighting of 3
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