Confederate Flag Is America 's Swastika

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Confederate Flag In The Hill, a top U.S. political magazine, in June 2015, Contributor H. A. Goodman wrote, “The Confederate flag is indeed America 's swastika.” In the same way the Jewish community sees the swastika as a painful reminder of the Holocaust, the African-American community perceives the flag as a reminder of slavery and racial discrimination. The Confederate flag, a relic of the devastating Civil War, has become one of the most controversial and contentious icons in American history. The debate over the flying of the Confederate flag is in regard to the Southern Civil War ideals of slavery and white racial superiority that historians have agreed the flag represents. Supporters of the Confederate flag argue that as a symbol of Southern pride, honor, and character, the flag is a reminder of the South’s distinctive and rich history. Opponents of the flag contend that rather than a symbol of southern bravery, the Confederate flag symbolizes the racist, hateful ideas of the Confederacy. The Confederate flag, a clear symbol of white superiority, prejudice, and slavery, should not be allowed to be perpetuated by the government in a society where those ideals should be long gone. The discord over the Confederate flag is rooted in wider debate over the causes of the Civil War and the ideals the flag symbolizes. With the high likelihood of Abraham Lincoln winning the 1860 presidential election, many of the Southern States became worried with the very real possibility

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