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There is history to the confederate flag and most people do not know it. I think that part of the reason why people see the flag as a symbol of hate instead of a piece of history is because people do not know all of the history. If people did their research I think the people would know the history of the flag and they would not see it as a racial hate symbol they would see it as a piece of history.
In South Carolina people see the confederate battle flag as a symbol of history instead of a symbol of hate of different racial backgrounds. There was two different types of confederate flags one flag was for battle and the second flag was for a national flag. On March 4, 1861 the first official confederate national flag was used at the inauguration of President Lincoln. The first flag was like the United States flag it was red white and blue. The confederate flag was red with one big band of white in the top left comer of the flag was blue box with seven stars. This is how the flag got a nickname of “Stars and Bars”.
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At the Battle of the Manassas general Beauregard thought the confederate reinforcement that was arriving was the Union troops and almost ordered his troops to retreat. After the battle the confederates would want to adopt a new flag because of the mistake that took place during the battle. The new flag would be red with blue x that could crisscrossed across the flag this flag would now have thirteen stars instead of seven.
There are three different confederate flags and most people only know about the confederate battle flag. The new confederate battle flag was recognized as the confederated flag. The confederate flag was flown by white racial motived groups. This is how the flag got to become a symbol of racial
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