Confederation And New Government

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Essay 4 Even though America worked hard to obtain independence and faced many challenges along the way, they now had new obstacles with forming a new government that they set out to tackle. Congress faced many problems that consisted with the Articles of Confederation. Getting all states to come together as one nation was a difficult challenge. The Federalists were a strong group that had strong beliefs that the Articles of Confederation or new government was an effective way to build an efficient economy and great nation. The Federalist came up with many ways to strengthen the central government. Their key elements were necessary for the new government to take place. America attained independence, but still had many obstacles that they had to surpass. The thirteen states had thirteen different leaders rather than being one nation. The states were worried about their own problems. When shaping the Confederation, representatives from the states didn’t agree to change their leadership-organized states into a central government. In 1776, the Constitutional Congress constructed a group of people that allowed the states to draft the Articles of Confederation. After much dispute from congress and the addition of amendments, the draft was finally approved to the states for ratification. The Articles of Confederation took many years to be in effect because all thirteen states had to approve it. The Articles went into effect in 1781, but the governmental structure was ineffective
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