Confederation In Canada

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Today marks an important day for all Canadians. British Canada has finally been united by the "Fathers of Confederation" and is now officially known as Canada. After almost a century, it is still hard to believe that Canada was once merely called the “British Colonies.” United, Canada has a sense of identification and much more vigor.

Before the 1860s, confederation was not of importance. Although due to fear of the United States, problems between the divided British colonies, and belief that Canada’s mother country—Britain—was becoming less unenthusiastic to defend the British colonies, unity became of political importance. Together as a country, Canada would be stronger and obtain railway advantages that would overcome geographical boundaries
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Commanding Canada West, once known as Lower Canada, and Canada East (Upper Canada) from one single, unmanageable legislature became challenging. Becoming united was the solution to this problem. The Province of Canada was not the only colony who believed Confederation was the best option. Union of all the British North American colonies meant one government would replace Nova Scotia’s, New Brunswick’s, and PEI’s separate legislatures, and the government would cover PEI loan payments. It also promised that British Columbia would receive the transcontinental railway (Canadian Pacific Railway) they have always wanted, and Canada would cover the colonies’ debt. Confederation was the least undesirable of changes proposed by the Fathers of Confederation.

In 1864, the Province of Canada formed an alliance with the Atlantic colonies promising union. Support of the three out of the four major political groups meant the Confederation advanced with the assistance of British North America’s most populated regions. Canada West's John A. Macdonald led the group of Conservatives, and George Brown led the Clear Grits. While George-Étienne Cartier, Hector Langevin & Alexander Tilloch Galt led the Conservatives in Canada
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