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There are several assumptions with which I will begin prior to discussing my confession. The first assumption is that Jesus, who was crucified, is Lord and that God has raised him from the dead. A second assumption is that apart from the first assumption, any and all other aspects of my confession could be flawed or wrong. My beliefs about the nature of Scripture, God, Creation, Humanity and Sin, Jesus Christ, Salvation, Holy Spirit, and the Church, though related to the centrality of the gospel, the gospel in itself is not contingent upon many these things. Therefore, though my confession in relation to the aforementioned beliefs could change over time and with experience, the central belief of the gospel of Jesus Christ, however,…show more content…
(Vanhoozer, 137)


God created the heavens and the earth and is a personal being who cares about that which God created. (Stiver, 115; Gen. 1:31) God is both great and good; God is both transcendent and perfectly good beyond humanity’s capability of goodness. God is both completely other and yet, individually present in a loving and relational manner. (Olson, 129) From the account given in Genesis, it can be seen that creation is a personal act of grace on the part of God. God provides life to humanity as a free gift. Creation was a voluntary sharing of the joy that God already possesses. (Stiver, 115) God desires close fellowship with humanity and continues to seek relationship with humanity. As humanity fails and turns to evil and suffering, God continues in judgment and grace to seek relationship with humanity by creating covenant with humanity. (Stiver, 117) Thus, God is love.
God is good, and as shown through scripture, humanity is created in the image of God and thus, humanity is good. In saying this, I do not believe humanity to be perfect. Humanity was not created perfect, but instead was created so that humanity required growth in order to approach spiritual perfection or relationship with God. Though this growth can occur through tragedy, God does not necessarily intend evil to provide a means for this growth because a person can grow to gain a relationship with God simply by obeying God’s laws and choosing God over
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