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Confession of Moral Bankruptcy State and local governments are both challenged by the problems of sexual predators. This issue has been addressed at the federal level for many years, but now state and local governments are being given the responsibility to change policy. What this paper will examine are three major issues. This paper will examine what state and local governments are doing in context to the civil commitment issue. Secondly, once sexual predators are given the opportunity to return to society there is always the fear that they will commit crimes again. Therefore, all fifty states have some form of a sexual predator registry. Third, states and communities are beginning to prevent sexual predators from moving into…show more content…
The FBI estimates that there is a sex offender living in every square mile of the United States. Most child molesters are able to molest dozens of children before they are caught and only have a three percent chance of being apprehended for their crimes. 22% of sexual predators assault an average of seven victims before they are caught and convicted (Jenson, 2002, pg. 1). Presently, state and local governments are fighting to better serve communities with regulations and laws preventing sexual predators from being released from prison once they have just served their sentences. States are pushing for predators to be returned to the communities only when mental health professionals believe they are stable enough to be released back into society. Laws are being passed so that sexual offenders can be involuntarily committed for an indefinite period of time if they meet the mental health criteria of a diagnosis of a mental abnormality or personal disorder. Starting in 1990, Washington state passed the first sex offender civil commitment law. Soon after Washington, Kansas state law began a trend that keeps sex offenders off the streets after they have completed their terms in prison. Sexual predators are now being civilly committed in sixteen states and thirty-four are working within their local legislative bodies to sanction the law (Meyer, 2003, pg. 397). The case that

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