Confessions By Saint Augustine And Teresa Of Avil The Book Of My Life By Teresa Avila

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Both autobiographies, Confessions by Saint Augustine and Teresa of Avila: The Book of my Life by Teresa Avila, reveal the stories of how God can take a sinner and redirect them on a journey to salvation. Both autobiographies show God’s ability to take a sinner from misdirection to glory by drawing them, slowly but surely, closer in a connection with him.
Confessions is a autobiography of St. Augustine, but shouldn’t be taken in the literal sense. The book is more of a framework for a theological and philosophical dynamic. The book focuses on the story of Augustine’s life from his birth, all the way up to his conversion to Catholicism and the events that happened between. St. Augustine chose to recount certain events in his life because they present a view of larger issues. Augustine was born and raised in Thagaste, in eastern Algeria. He is in a world that he eventually sees as sinful.
Augustine devotes the first book to his childhood, which leads him to brood on human origin, memory, will and desire. He begins every book with a prayer and in the first book the prayer is particularly extensive. His concerns include how one can seek God without knowing what and who he is. How can one look for something if we don’t really know exactly what we are looking for? This idea serves as a foreshadowing for what is to come at the end of the book; the idea that if one seeks and then has faith in God, he will eventually reveal himself to us. Augustine discusses God’s attributes of asking…
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