Confessions Of A Key Board Dabbler

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Confessions of a Key Board Dabbler

On September 9th I attended my first SWIC Music Faculty Preview Recital at the Schmidt Art Center. The venue for the afternoon recital was held in the gallery room, a room set up for an audience of about 50 music majors. In the front of the hall sat a white grand piano on parquet floors; the walls of the room were adorned with art of varying mediums. Having mucked around on the piano as a child, I sat enthusiastically as a musical amateur in great awe of anyone with talent of the keyboard or gift of music of any kind.

The first two pieces in the program were by Austrian composer Franz Schubert 1797-1828. In 1808, through a competitive examination, the eleven-year-old Schubert was accepted into the choir of the Imperial Court Chapel as well as the Royal Seminary. He was a shy youth, and spent most of his spare time practicing and composing alone. When Shubert was fifteen his voice changed and he left the choir but continued to study at the seminary. As discussed in lecture, each period of music has a chain reaction between artists who are affected by the events of their environment. Post war 1950’s America had the progression of Jazz with artists such as Charlie “Bird” Parker pushing the limits of the saxophone to create the bebop sound, echoed in the rhythm of prose of writer Jack Kerouac and Jackson Pollock’s abstract of the brush. Franz Schubert’s fellow artists were no different at the turn of the eighteenth century as the…

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