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1.God has always been in my life, but have I always lived for him? Have I lived the christian lifestyle? Through my life I see how confessing myself to the Lord has made me a better person in many ways. Living with strong faith has allowed for me to repent and confess my sins. I now see myself living for God and bring other to the Lord.
Destruction 2.As we as a team hung-out after wrestling tournaments I now see some faults in our doings. We would not drink, do drugs, or party, however, we were very destructive. The team and I would TP people from school, ding dong ditch, or just mess with peoples property. Myself and the team would laugh and enjoy ourselves as we did this. One memory of the team and I being
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I have always been around the right people and the right setting. As a little kid I was very respectable and well behaved. This was from my parents and learning about faith at a young age. As I grew older I always possessed these traits. As I got to high-school I was still a very good and well behaved young man. I made mistakes on the weekend with my team by being destructive. After I passed this stage I had an empty feeling inside of me. This is when I realized I got distracted from my faith. Faith made me the I was and I knew I was a good person. I let satan get in the way for awhile and I knew I had to get back on the narrow path of righteousness. A verse that reminds me of this is Matthew 7:14. This verse describes how it is a narrow path living for God and not many people are able to live for God or find the path. I knew I was a person of strong faith, so I was able to get back on the path and begin to live for God once again. I knew my destructive behavior was a sin now and not a laughing matter. I was done acting like a chid. I started to live a life full of faith and righteousness. I lived like this so people could see how I acted different. I wanted people to see Christ in me and the changes I was able to make by truly living for him. I had the Lord with me my whole life, but I truly think he made a change in my life after the tree incident. That incident really allowed for…show more content…
I knew God forgave and that he sent his only begotten son to die for us on the cross to forgive us for our sins. I knew I was not a terrible person, however, I knew I needed to start to live for the Lord. I wanted to bring people to the Lord. I knew I had to change, so I wanted to help others to change so they could also confess and repentant to the Lord. By changing the way I lived I knew people would follow. I was able to tell others how I gave myself to God and by living through him many blessings follow. I would as myself why did I not choose this lifestyle sooner? Why did I just not just fully invest in the Lord like my parents said from the beginning? To answer this I think God times things perfectly. I think the Lord reaches out at perfect times and affects your life the most when you need him the most. Ultimately by confessing and repenting to God I was able to begin a new life living for the Lord.
The Growth 5.As I ask questions to myself like why is my life important? Why do I exist? I begin to find answers through many things, but most of all I find answers through faith. I have learned many life skills and life lessons by growing in my faith

Conclusion 6.To conclude I see how God has always been in my life, but God really empowered my life when I needed him the most. I see how repenting and confessing to the Lord can change your life. I now can say I live for the
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