Confessions of an Economic: Hitman

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Economic Hitman
I decided to talk about Economic Hitman because since I opened the web site, I got attracted by this quote “Dedicated to transforming the world into a sustainable, just and peaceful home where all beings can thrive”, by John Perkins who is an American author and one of the famous economist person in the world because he claims to have played a role in an supposed process of economic establishment of Third World countries on behalf of what he shows as a section of the United States government. His best book is Confessions of an Economic HitMan that was published in 2004. John Perkins worked directly with the World Bank, IMF, and many other global financial institutions and corporations, but he was one of the economic Hitman.
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To prevent mobbing, organizational leaders plays the important role by enforcing decency and high ethical standards in the workplace.
Population Theory in general , population growth is The most controversial issue that people is monitoring, and there are consequence of the issue regarding health care level, food, agriculture that we should to address because Population has recently increased due to the development and improvement of medical facilities in our modern science. Therefore, Government and many agencies are trying to find way to keep the source of living updated and in level to increase as the population increases. Billy Meier is a farmer who born in Switzerland who have sent to help the extraterrestrials people to make the earth a better place to live. After i read some of Meier contact, I understand some of the points that Meier illustrate in contact reports 6, 7, 9. For example, in contact 6 Meier and Semjase start talking about secret creation. According to Semjase, “every human life form has to live through seven (7) definite main stages or main periods and seven (7) associated secondary stages or sub-stages”. in the other word, human being go through seven periods which there are primary life, rational life, intellectual life, real life, creational life, spiritual life, and creation life. Overall, Meier theory is that our planet should be controlled to not have overpopulation by educating people to use birth control which are the significant methods
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