Confessions of an Ugly Stepsister, by Gregory Maguire

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In most fairytales, there is a character that stands out as a visionary; the one who defends happiness, and leads the way allowing others to find their destiny. This person usually has the will power to influence not only them self, but also has the ability to influence the person who seems to be the least likely to accept another’s view of the world, especially if they’re living in a world that is detached from everyone else's. In Gregory Maguire’s book, Confessions of an Ugly Stepsister, the visionary to see beyond her own sanity and look into the depths of another person’s chaos is Iris. It is with no question that without Iris’s willingness to explore the world, not just through her eyes, but the eyes of everyone around her,…show more content…
The request of having Iris tutor their young Clara, and although one would think that teaching a young person would be trouble-free, it is quite the opposite, as Clara remains vulnerable to the strangers who have infringed on her fortress of secrets. To revoke the idea of being vulnerable, Iris must charm Clara with thoughts of fantasy, a fantasy that exists beyond the walls of her home, and lives in more than just the mind, oils, and pigment. The fantasy of spiders, apes, gypsies, and dwarves, all who are interconnected by spells or delusion. One way of liberating a person who has been imprisoned by secrecy is to allow them to re-live the memories that caused the imprisonment in the first place, thus bringing a suggestion to the mind that a person can be set free from the life once lived, and entice the soul to move on. “For once, Iris can’t help taking the one advantage she has over Clara - that is, the privilege of courage” (166). By chance, this courage that Iris has summoned brings them both to a place Clara vividly remembers, the windmill. It seems that either coincidence or fate has brought the two to the windmill where Clara was held as a child, and that all of the questions Iris has been seeking the answers to are now right in front of her, allowing her to unintentionally push Clara’s mind deeper and deeper into the depths of her dark memory, and paint a picture of why she has been

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