Confidential Informants And Secret Informants Essay

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Confidential informants have been helpful for many years in helping law enforcement capture criminals. Confidential informants are useful because they help law enforcement conduct information on criminal involvement by wiretapping, recordings, and videos. Although, confidential are helpful to law enforcement it comes with a cost of them potentially risking their lives because they are working with the police and getting others arrested. According to Alameda County district attorney office, “using informants to obtain information has been known as “dirty business” (Le.alcoda, 2016). These individuals are targeted by criminals because they are known as snitches, rats, narcs, turncoats, among many other names. As the old saying goes “snitches get itches”, this is true for confidential informants. Confidential informants are vital because they are considered to be law enforcement most effective tool. In order to protect confidential informants, their identity is kept secret to protect them against contribution from those involved in crime. In addition, most informants are involved in criminal activity themselves. Law enforcement gets their best information from individuals that have the knowledge about the crimes or been involved in crime. According to Sergeant Clay Akon’s, of Shelby County sheriff officer says, “80 to 90 % of their informers have become informants following an arrest (Moore & Monier, 2010).” The reason these individuals become informants is because
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