Confidential Psychological Report

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San Beda College College of Arts and Sciences Department of Psychology PSY10A Psychological Testing 02 Monday, Wednesday & Friday: 12:30pm-1:30pm (34N) A Confidential Psychological Case Report of Michael Anthony C. Valdez (LONG VERSION) In fulfilment of the requirements in the course of Psychology Submitted by: Mark Anthony F. Tan 3rd yr IRR-APS Submitted to: Prof. Annabel Quilon I- Pre-intake Interview A. Personal Data Name: Michael Anthony C. Valdez Address: Crisolita St. - San Andres Bukid, Metro Manila Age: 21 Gender: Male Birth date: January 28, 1990 Birth place: Ospital ng Maynila Medical Center, Malate Manila Social Status: Single Occupation: Peer Health…show more content…
He is a hardworking, tough but emotionally drained and withdrawn kind of person. Sometimes he would try to fake a smile and act numb to put on a facade to everyone. His struggle to find a family and a home for a normal childhood may have caused him to have a quiet and mild mannered demeanour which represents repressive anger and anxieties. General Home Atmosphere a. As a Family Member: He is trustworthy, hardworking and always puts the needs of others first before her own. He never had a home to call his own so much that he never felt the love and care from a family. b. The Father: They have a very loving and caring relationship to the point that they’re dependent and reliant to each other. It took a long time for the father to recover and cope up with the mother’s departure and had taken the dual role of a mother and father to the children. This dark and unfortunate moment in their lives made them realize that all they have is each other. c. The Mother: The case client, Mr. Valdez briefly stated that he never knew his mother and had felt intense pain and anger for a while because of never having a maternal figure in his life. Time and the lessons he learned taught him to forgive and forget. If ever God permits him to have the chance to meet his mother, he would gladly accept it. d. Among Siblings: According to the client, Mr. Valdez’s interview, when he left and got
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