Confidentiality : Confidentiality And Confidentiality

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Understanding Confidentiality
Brooke S Bentley
Liberty University Abstract
Confidentiality is one of the most important, complicated and expected parts of counseling. Counselors and clients view confidentiality as an unspoken given, it is sometimes not discussed but expected. Counselors should always explain to a client reasons in which they may be required to break confidentiality. Confidentiality laws can vary from state to state so a counselor should always be aware and up to date on those laws depending on which state they are practicing in. Some states, like South Carolina, have adopted the ACA Code of Ethics as their own code. Counselors are deemed mandated reporters, which means they are required by law to report certain types of suspected abuse, they also have a duty to warn third parties if they are in imminent danger. It is also important for a counselor to establish a close bond with the client in order to judge when duty to warn should apply. There are many exceptions to confidentiality, counselors should be sure to understand and always explain them to the client. Summary Confidentiality is something that a client expects when they choose to meet with a counselor, a mutual known understanding. The vignette presentation covered a multitude of sceneries when dealing with confidentiality and the exceptions to maintaining this confidentiality. According to the presentations when a client or makes an actual threat of physical harm to an…
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