Confidentiality In Social Work Essay

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School social workers, as representatives of the educational system and individuals from the instructive "group," have proficient commitments that range past the student and the student's family. To be powerful in serving and meeting both the instructive and social–emotional needs of the student, data should be shared and traded. “First and foremost, the sharing of confidential information should always "be done in a manner that preserves the dignity of the [student] and the integrity of the [school] social worker–student relationship"(B. Reid, 2016 para#).
Value five in the social work code of ethics is confidentiality in professional practice (CASW, 2005), which is a critical element in developing and maintaining trusting relationships with students. However, "(school) social workers must accept that they cannot offer their (students) absolute
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For the purposes of explaining harm reduction, youth are thought of as being approximately 10 to 25 years of age. “Strategies associated with the harm reduction approach are based on the assumption that habits humans engage in fall along a continuum of detrimental consequences” (Karoll, 2010, p.6). The overriding objective of harm reduction is to help clients move along this continuum from the more serious end of hurtful results to the lesser end. In this way, professionals are requested that help clients help themselves participate in more positive practices to lessen possibly hurtful results of their behavioral decisions (Karoll, 2010). What distinguishes harm reduction as applied to youth are three issues related to implementation (Poulin, 2006). “These issues are the fledgling autonomy and ability of youth to make wise decisions concerning substance use, the specific risks and harms associated with youth substance use, and the unique opportunities for drug policies and programs targeting youth” (Poulin,
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