Confidentiality and Informed Consent

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Confidentiality and Informed Consent
Claudia Lewis
Dr. Daniel Williams Jr, PsyD, MSW

Confidentiality and Informed Consent
Dear client this paper is to inform you, of your right to confidentiality, and further more explain the process of informed consent. In the world of Psychology and counseling, confidentiality and informed consent has been the cornerstone to our practices (University of Phoenix, 1994). This paper will help you to understand how the things you say during the counseling sessions may have legal implications against you; by first explaining the decision of Tarasoff v. the board of Regents of the University of California, followed by how it relates to the therapist-client relationship
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The law consists of types of information that patients must be given in order to make informed decisions about getting medical care, diagnostic test, or treatment ("American Cancer Society", 2014). When informed consent has taken place correctly the information that which is given must be clearly understood by the patient; it’s up to the patient to ask questions about any information they don’t understand. The patient must be given the opportunity to look over the information and ask questions, the patient must also not be pressured to make their own decisions, as the informed consent assumes that when the patient is making these decisions they are not pressured to do so ("American Cancer Society", 2014). The process of Informed consent and refusal consist of first the patient being told about the possible risks and benefits of the treatment, followed by being told about the risk and benefits of other options which include not getting treatment ("American Cancer Society", 2014). The Patient is then given the chance to ask questions and have them answered to their satisfaction, followed up with being given enough time to discuss the plan with family members or advisors ("American Cancer Society", 2014). The patient is then able to use all the information given to them to make a decision that they feel is
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