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In the modern era, the use of computer technology is very important. Back in the day people only used handwriting on the pieces of paper to save all documents, either in general documents or medical records. Now this medical field is using a computer to kept all medical records or other personnel info. Patient's records may be maintained on databases, so that quick searches can be made. But, even if the computer is very important, the facility must remain always in control all the information they store in a computer. This is because to avoid individuals who do not have a right to the patient's information.
Below are some of general question:
1. Should corrections be date and time stamped?
2. When should the patient be advised of the
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Then, the AMA states that, “Additions to the record should be time and date stamped, and the person making the additions should be identified in the record” ("Ama code of," 1998). “If there are changes to the data, the patient concerned must be notified” ("Ama code of," 1998). So well-maintained electronic health records are important because they protect both the patient and the physician.
According to the AMA policy, "The patient and physician should be advised about the existence of computerized databases in which medical information concerning the patient is stored" ("Ama code of," 1998). On the other hand, many patients also curious who has access to them and how this files being stored for safety and privacy of the individuals. When before the facility release any records to any one or company, they needs to inform the patient right away. Finally, “All electronic entities are required to inform doctors and patients before the release of any health information” ("Ama code of," 1998).
To protect patient's records the facility need to notified the patient right away before the purge takes place. "The Rule gives individuals the right to have covered entities amend their protected health information in a designated record set when that information is inaccurate or incomplete" (U.S. Department of, 2003). Next, "Procedures for purging the computerized database of archaic or inaccurate data should be established
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