Configure The Process Of Wireless Technology

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Following Emerson Process (2015) guidelines, the third stage in commissioning requires Configuration of the device. This is accomplished trough 3 steps if done with the traditional approach: First connect a portable communicator to the device’s termination in the rack room and verify the proper device tag is recognized, then configure the instrument parameters, one at a time for all 40 to 242 parameters and lastly document the As Found/As Left parameters. In contrast, when using AMS the user only has to select and configure the device using the Configuration Properties. The device parameters are grouped and displayed logically on a few screens. As configuration changes are made, the software automatically documents the As Found/As Left …show more content…

Calibration software is one such tool that can be used to support and guide calibration management activities, with documentation being a critical part of this. Compared to traditional, paper-based systems or inhouse built legacy calibration systems, using dedicated calibration management software results in improved quality, increased productivity and reduced costs of the entire calibration process (Emerson Process, 2015).
Moreover, all plant instruments and measurement devices need to be listed, then classified into ‘critical’ and ‘non-critical’ devices. Once this has been agreed, the calibration range and required tolerances need to be identified. Decisions then need to be made regarding the calibration interval for each instrument. In addition, the company must identify current calibration status for every instrument across the plant.
The next phase, organisation, involves training the company’s calibration staff – normally maintenance technicians, service engineers, process and quality engineers and managers – in using the chosen tools and how to follow the approved standard operating procedures. Staff carrying out these activities must follow the appropriate instructions before calibrating the device, including any associated safety procedures. The calibration is then executed according to the plan, although further instructions may need to be followed after calibration. The documentation and storage of

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