Configuring a Switch and Router Essay

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Date: 12/23/2012

Switches are layer 2 devices and this makes them easier to configure than routers. Most of the time, the default configuration with switches will enable it to connect to PCs and servers together easily. These are the steps to begin configuring your switch:
1. Connect a console terminal to the console interface of your supervisor engine.
2. After a few seconds, you will see the user EXEC prompt (Switch>). Now you may want to enter privileged EXEC mode. This is also known as the enable mode. Type enable to enter enable mode: Switch> enable (You must be in enable mode if you want to make
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Assign default gateway to the switch

Access-switch1(config)#ip default-gateway

10. Disable unneeded ports on the switch

This step is optional but enhances security
Assume that we have a 48-port switch and we don’t need ports 25 to 48
Access-switch1(config)#interface range fe 0/25-48
Access-switch1(config-if-range)# exit
Access-switch1 (config)#

11. Save the configuration

Access-switch1(config)# wv

These are some of the basic set-up steps for Cisco switches. You can also configure like SNMP servers, NTP, and AAA just to name a few. (

The basic steps for configuring an router is different from a switch. The steps below will show you why.
1. Connect the router to the PC with the console cable and start a terminal emulation program.
• Start with the command enable to get into privileged EXEC mode.
• Type the command erase startup-config to get a blank configuration.
• Restart the router with the reload command.
• Make sure to say NO to a IOS prompt which ask if you want to enter the initial configuration dialog.

2. Identify the router’s interfaces:

• Know which Ethernet ports you will be using and for what.
• One connects the WAN device
• One will connect the LAN
• Some ports are labeled but if not you can type the command – show IP interface
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