Confinement Vs. Non Confinement Feeding Of Animals

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vitational Speech Catherine Harper SPCM 200 March 21, 2017 Confinement vs. Non-confinement Feeding of Animals Specific Purpose Statement: To allow my audience to consider the advantages and disadvantages of confinement feeding versus non-confinement feeding of animals and allow them to understand the practices as well as what the future holds for both sides. Thesis Statement: Confinement feeding is the feeding of livestock or animals in a feedlot setting that is the future of the industry, while non-confinement is the feeding of livestock or animals in an open grazing, free roam environment which has been widely used in the past. Today I would like for you to understand the differences between the two in order to better recognize the…show more content…
a. I hope that by sharing the following information with you, that you will be able to make a more informed decision on the topic and in turn, use your personal opinions to allow me to make a decision as well. Signpost: First, we will look at confinement feeding Body 1. According to the article “Meat and Livestock Production”, confinement feeding is a drought feeding practice that aims to promote animal health and welfare while preserving ground cover and land condition across the majority of the property. a. Confinement feeding is accomplished by confining livestock in a small area to be fed a total ration. b. Examples of confining areas would be feedlot settings, cages, or small, securely fenced in areas. c. According to “Beef Magazine” confined feeding is actually the more cost effective method. i. Confined feeding involves more grain feeding of livestock which in turn allows for quicker finishing times (maturity of the animal), as well as more desirable quality grades for consumers. ii. Another advantage to this method is how it helps promote animal health and welfare. Producers and feeders are better able to care for sick and or wounded animals in a much easier way. They are able to get the animal in and treat them in a low stress situation, opposed to running them around a pasture or free range area and

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