Confinement equals Licentious Essay

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The article “Hookups starve the soul” by Laura Vanderkam opens with a scene where she talked with a friend that hooked up with a guy after a party. In the article, Vanderkam talked about how unintentional sexual relations are increasing on college campuses. Vanderkam emphasized how parents put limitations on their children lives that could one day force them into promiscuous activities. She clearly states that “hooking up” is happening but does not always mean having sex. Hookups are defined by alcohol, physical attraction, and a lack of expectations the next morning. Many people blame co-ed dorms, sexual revolution, or alcohol, Vanderkam blames none of these aspects but blames it all on the way an individual is raised. She uses her own…show more content…
For example, if your childhood was very structured, consisting of athletic practices, school, piano or dance lessons, along with the many rules your parents made, that you are expected to follow, which limited your personal freedom, when off to college and you get the first taste of freedom, you are more likely to take it for granted and experience everything you were kept from your entire life. She is somewhat indifferent throughout the article, she feels that these structured childhoods will either help or hurt a college bound individual. Although the points she observed makes the article interesting, it confuses readers on what side she is really taking. As a result she implies that it is too late to bring back dormitory mothers, curfews and traditional morals that forces courtships in the past time. I like the way she tells it that way it really is, the truth is surfaced form point one. Also, Vanderkam’s straightforward approach makes the reader focus even more. The logic behind Laura Vanderkam’s article stands out. One of the first things she does to establish logic is talk about how the parents in the process of getting the perfect child through controlled activities, they exploit the growth of their children’s souls. Also, When discussing how overachieving parents provides too much supervision she tried using a phrase “Organization Kid” from the April’s Atlantic Monthly by author David Brooks to back

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