Confirmation In The 1910 Encyclical Quam Singulari Of Timothy Gabrielli

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Confirmation is a sacrament that has become an enigma wrapped in a riddle that ends with an open-ended question for teens all over the world. It has become an increasingly tough Sacrament to define and explain to those coming to the “sacrament of choice.” This book was chosen by most of us, not because of the size but because we have all been called upon to talk to confirmation classes and talking more intelligently and genuinely is what this generation is striving to receive. Since there is so much confusion over this sacrament it is imperative we try to live up to the exhortation in paragraph 59 of Sacrosanctum Concilium. “It is therefore of the highest importance that the faithful should easily understand the sacramental signs” (SC 59). Timothy Gabrielli’s book is meant to give the thinking and theology behind how this sacrament has been shaped by the twentieth century culture. This book is meant to stir up conversation and understanding of the need for more priority from the church and its leaders in the celebration of this sacrament. The main idea running through this book is the 1910 encyclical Quam Singulari of Pius X as the stick of dynamite that blew up the sacrament order. It appears to me it was the light that illuminated the need for a change in the timing of first communion. The unforeseen consequence was the upheaval and confusion around Confirmation since it was not mentioned in the encyclical. The first chapter starts with the quote from the encyclical and
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