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Parent Information Booklet

Welcome! As you may already know, your child will be preparing for the sacrament of Confirmation in the upcoming months. We hope that you as parents will be able to support your child through their spiritual journey. The preparation for Confirmation is a time of spiritual growth, learning, sharing, fellowship and serving. Your child will learn what it means to be a disciple of Jesus Christ, in preparation to receive this special sacrament.

The sacrament of Confirmation invites your child to confirm their Catholic faith given at baptism and to become an adult member of our Catholic church. Your child is invited to renew the promises they made at baptism. Confirmation is centred on the Holy
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Their sponsor will represent your child as being ready to receive the sacrament of Confirmation.
Your child’s sponsor must be: * Over the age of 18. * A practising Catholic, who has been baptised, made their First Holy Communion and Confirmation themselves. * Know your child and be willing to serve as a strong Christian role-model for them.
(Please note, you as parents do not qualify as sponsors)

Letter to the Bishop

Your child will be expected to write a letter to the Bishop requesting Confirmation. This letter should include why your child wants to be confirmed, what they have been doing to prepare and their chosen sponsor. These letters will be written during their preparation time in RE, however children may be asked to finish these as homework.

Rite of Commitment Mass

You, your child and sponsor (if they are able to) will be expected to attend this special Mass on Sunday 23rd October 2012 at 9.30 am. All Confirmation candidates will stand before God and commit to preparing and receiving the sacrament of Confirmation. The parish and school community agrees to support and pray for all our candidates along their spiritual journey.

Confirmation Rehearsal

Your child will attend a Confirmation rehearsal a few days before Confirmation. This will be held in allocated school time at Church and your child’s sponsor is welcome to attend.

What happens
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