Conflict Analysis : Mexico And Central America

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In this paper, I will focus on Policy Issues through Conflict Analysis in Latin America. First, I will talk about the differences and critiques in the Merida Initiative: Mexico and Central America. Then, I will focus on “Drug War”: Lenses, Frames, and “Seeing” Solutions. I will then talk about, “conflict analysis¬¬¬¬, a lens for viewing conflict that brings into focus a multilevel, integrative diagnosis of the violence in Mexico and supports recent evolutions in Plan Merida toward a more holistic peace-building approach” (Carpenter, 2013). In other words, conflict analysis focuses on the determination of conflict in Mexico and aids current advancement in Plan Merida regarding a non-violence approach. Finally, I will focus on “conflict analysis lens to the war in Mexico to identify its multiple causes and entry points for multidimensional intervention strategies” (Carpenter, 2013). That is to say, the conflict analysis lens explores the origins and possible actions of policies taken regarding the war in Mexico. I will be discussing policies that are flawed and conflict analysis. Merida Initiative: Mexico and Central America The article “Changing Lenses: Conflict Analysis and Mexico’s ‘Drug War’” states the different approaches of the Merida Initiative in Mexico and in Central America (Carpenter, 2013). Arteaga writes, “Merida Initiative, whose objective is to establish a mechanism of cooperation between the United States, Mexico and Central America, with the goal of
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