Conflict And Communication : Communication And Conflict Management

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Communication and Conflict Management
Eddie Barnet, Katharine Balich, Terrance Beard, Andrew Beasley, Christine Bowman
Liberty University

Communication and Conflict Management
Organizational behavior plays a vital role in the success of an institution. It is essential for a leader to be knowledgeable on organizational behavior and how to manage conflict. Often times, conflict arises from the absence of or poor communication. Social media has become one of the leading means of communication.
Group Consensus
Considering chapters four through six of the course text, a group vote determined that the three most important concepts between all group members are: effective ways of communication, conflict management, and social media. The concept of communication was initially discussed solely, but was determined to be far too broad. After the initial collaboration, the group condensed the concept of communication to effective ways of communication. These three concepts have been chosen due to the awareness that all three have the potential to play hand in hand with one another. Social media can play a huge role on conflict in the workplace that could and should be avoided. Social networking sites, publishing tools, and micro-blogging sites are all considered social media with the most commonly used site being Facebook. “Social media, such as social networking sites, differ from traditional media, because they enable the exchange of user-generated content.”
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