Conflict And Conflict Resolution Process

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In the world today there are many pressed ideals on how to solve conflict. Conflict is part of human existence. The world is filled with conflicts in all realms of life. Evidence of unresolved conflicts in greater scale are the chaos around the world that we hear and see from the daily world news. Every day we experience some sort of conflict that are either insignificant or relatively important whether we are at home, at school, at a coffee shop, or at work. The workplace usually has a diverse group of employees from all walks of life, culture, and family background. Differences that arise from a diverse group could result to a conflict. Therefore, it is imperative to better understand the influences and styles of conflict and implement a conflict resolution process as part of an organizations culture that is on a neutral standard. Resolutions to conflicts should be taken from a mediating standpoint when possible with Human Rights always intact. The best approach to any conflict regardless of society or international is always through a neutral standpoint, this is because you address both parties and work in unity to solve the conflict. Mediation is a process of conflict management, related to but distinct from the parties ' own negotiations, where those in conflict seek the assistance of, or accept an offer of help from, an outsider to change their perceptions or behavior. Mediation provides the possibility for a conflict to be solved without further problems because it
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