Conflict And Dispute On Commercial Project

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1. Introduction Conflict is inevitable phenomenon on commercial project but dispute can be avoided, too much conflict and dispute will break the function of the project organization, whereas too little conflict and dispute can make the project organization ossified. This essay will begin by explaining the causes of conflict and dispute on commercial project and why conflict is inevitable, at the same time it will analyse positive and negative influences of conflict and dispute in a project. Then go on to suggest how to balance and coordinate conflict and dispute from all sides, its purpose is to master how to manage conflict and dispute and make full use of the positive role of them. Besides, this paper will compare and contrast the…show more content…
2.3 Schedule To some extent, conflict and dispute may occur on division of opinions about the order of the process and the length of time needed to complete a work. At the beginning of planning phase of a project, some team members may think four weeks is needed to complete their work, but the project manager may think it is too long, a half of the time is totally enough. 2.4 The Cost In the way of project process, it always clashes on the various cost of the work required. Although a general commercial project usually has a budget, there are many uncontrollable factors in actual progress, delays and cost overruns hurt financially to the point. Then inevitable conflict and dispute will concentrate on who should bear the cost for over the budget. 2.5 Priority level A multi-project environment adds another set of disagreements. If a number of projects are simultaneous, it may impede paces of other projects in order to guarantee the achievement of one project’s objectives (Kerzner 2000). When two or more simultaneous projects need one member to attend, it will create a conflict and dispute of priority level (Bernasco et al 1999; Chi and Nystrom 1998). This phenomenon is also a kind of resource problems. 2.6 Communication disorders Verma (1998) attributed communication disorders as the most prevalent causes of conflict and dispute in projects. The following are the leading causes of

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