Conflict And Its Impact On Organizational Effectiveness

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There has been a growing interest in conflict management in the past several decades. Conflict is a natural and inevitable part of daily organizational life. When people with different goals and interests work together, the potential for disagreement is always present. Thus, conflict resolution has become an inevitable part of management because so much time is spent on resolving issues (Al-Amji 2007). Since conflict is seemingly unavoidable, it is necessary for managers to be able to recognize the source of the conflict in order to implement conflict resolution skills in a practical way. If we are able to understand conflict and its impact on organizational effectiveness then conflict can be utilized to achieve better results. There are a variety of views on conflict and its management. Conflict’s impact can be minimized if it is identifiable at the moment it arises. This paper will demonstrate how conflict can be an opportunity for growth. Because conflict is unavoidable, it is obvious that management must be able to recognize it in order to manage it successfully. This paper will introduce conflict and focus on five approaches of conflict management styles. From this point, this paper will attempt to demonstrate how conflict can be used as an advantage in the workplace. What is Conflict? According to Simerly (1998) conflict occurs when there is disagreement over such things as goals, ideas, methods, and values. Moreover it is our inability to reconcile differences in ways
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