Conflict And The Conflict Theory Essay

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Conflicts and inequality have always been part of our society. Individuals, groups of people, or even the whole countries can have different opinions, values, or believes. It is not possible to have a unified world in which everybody would be equal with the same opinions. People interact with each other, they share their opinions, they argue, and they try to influence or convince others in order to follow their ideas. Originally, the conflict theory was developed by Karl Marx, who divided society in two groups: ruling and working class. Marx basically deals with the inequality of people in terms of wealth and power. Nowadays, the theory can be applied to any type of conflict from wars to same sex marriage, or different religion believes. One might say that the word conflict is a symbol of something bad, however, it is very important for the progress of civilization to have conflicts. According to the conflict theory: “Social change only occurs through conflict”(iBook). Without a conflict, we would never be able to develop our society to the point we know it today. Conflicts occur on daily basis. It might be resolved in few minutes; years or sometimes it does not even have a solution. Like the Korean conflict where there are two countries with two different political systems. The conflict between South and North Korea has been on for decades and it is probably not going to end for many years. Although Korea used to be unified in the history, it got separated after the Korean

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