Conflict And The Work Climate And Negatively Affects Individual's Physical And Psychological

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All employee and employers, like nurses and nurse leaders, are based on collaborative relationships with one another. When two or more individuals view issues or situations from different perspectives, these relationships can be compromised by conflict. Conflict stems from discordance that arises in values, beliefs, thoughts, feelings, or behaviors of two or more individuals (Pangman & Pangman, 2010). For the purpose of this article, conflict is defined as a phenomenon occurring between interdependent individuals as they experience negative emotional reactions to perceived disagreements and interference with the attainment of their goals (Barki & Hartwick, 2004). Furthermore, everyone encounters conflict in varying degrees, and this often…show more content…
When people encounter conflict situations, they need to be able to accept conflict as a normative challenge and use effective conflict management approaches and other alternatives to transform conflict into an opportunity for growth (Pangman & Pangman, 2010). It is important for negotiators to have a clear understanding and working knowledge of the approaches to conflict and to be aware of various alternatives to managing conflict. Therefore, the process of negotiation is an effective interactive approach that emphasizes the need to maintain ongoing relationships and to share power and control. One of the international bestselling book on negotiation is Getting to YES, by Roger Fisher and William Ury that provide ideas about negotiation as a method of conflict management using principled negotiation. Negotiation can be defined as basic means of being able to receive what you want from others and where you discuss back and forth until an agreement is reached (Fisher & Ury, 2011). Negotiation is an ongoing effective strategy that emphasizes the need to maintain good working relationships in day-to-day activity within health care organizations (Pangman & Pangman, 2010). Moreover, there are many areas in life where people spend time negotiating with one another whether it is over a contract, a family quarrel, a peace settlement, or a curfew. Negotiators often find themselves using three methods to negotiation such as soft, hard, or
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