Conflict Between A Register Nurse And A License Practice Nurse ( Lpn )

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As human being we all think, feel, behave and perceive life in different ways as we all have different expectations. Conflict is part of life and it can be part of any situation. Especially in nursing field where working as a team is highly emphasized, every member of the team collaborate together in order to meet patient needs and improve patient outcomes. That being said, nurses have to collaborate with coworkers that have different social groups, ethnic, and educational backgrounds. This paper will give a synapsis about a disagreement that happens between a register nurse (RN) and a license practice nurse (LPN) in a forty bed medical surgical unit with sufficient staff coverage with RNs LPNs and UAPs. As the manager of this unit, while…show more content…
She make the assumption that LPN has “completely ignored” her. The issue was approach from a criticizing angle that immediately lead to a defensive response by the LPN. The RN did not asked the reason why this LPN was not able to help the patient but she jumped in the conclusion that the LPN was not helping her in purpose. Furthermore, in this tensioned situation it seems like there is process conflict between two of the nurses. Huber, 2015 defines process conflict as a “conflict pertains to issues of duty and resource delegation, such as who should what and how much responsibility different people should have” (p. 172). This confusion between the team members it is revealed sentences when the RN tells the LPN that “it was your job, you are assigned to Mrs. J. And the LPN responds to here that “I do my own work and part of yours.” To better assist patient in medical field, nurses might collaborate and work in team. The RN is fully competent in delegating the appropriate tasks to LPN or UAP, yet she has to make sure to transmit her tasks by using clear communication, being concise on what she wants to be completed, and within what time frame the task has to be completed. She can delegate certain tasks to other staff members such as LPN or UAP; however, she is accountable for what happens to the patient. Both the nurse delegator and the delegate must agree in the task and report back the completion
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