Conflict Between America And Japan During Wwii

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There will always be those who believe that diplomacy is an answer to conflict. I think that there are certain times that diplomacy has merit and is a viable end to a means. However, I do not believe that diplomacy was a means to an end of the conflict between America and Japan during WWII. I think that the trust factor for both nations had been eliminated as they ramped up towards war, and prior to the attack at Pearl Harbor. Nor do I believe that a conditional surrender was palatable to Americans who had fought and clawed their way through Europe and with the aid of their allies and defeated Hitler’s horde, and was not faced the destruction of the Japanese menace. Therefore, I do not believe that President Truman had any other choice but to use all the destruction power he had in his military arsenal. History has shown that the Japanese were not going to give up their homeland without a fight. Two million Japanese citizens were willing to give up their lives to defend their homeland. President Truman the commander-in-chief was aware of the way the Japanese refused to surrender as the Marines fought from island to island. Many Japanese soldiers committing suicide rather than to be taken prisoner, such blind loyalty to a nation must be appreciated, and noted for being honorable. However, was it logical or rational? President Truman had a responsibility to end the war quickly and with as little loss to American life as possible. Sending his forces onto the shores of Japan
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