Conflict Between Conflict And Conflict Management

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Conflict and conflict management both play pivotal roles in all relationships, whether they are between friends, family, lovers, or coworkers. However, while most relationships have an abundance of conflict, the amount of properly implemented conflict management in all relationships is relatively low. This is especially surprising when you consider the sheer amount of research and counseling directed at managing conflict in constructive ways. Though the aforementioned services and research are of extremely high quality, the people who would benefit from them the most are either entirely unaware of their existence, associate them a negative stigma, or simply don 't have strong conflict management skills. I want to advocate the effectiveness of counseling programs available to help people in relationships resolve conflicts in a positive way, as well as explain some basic aspects of conflict management in a simple, easy to understand text. One such service with a negative stigma associated with it is relationship counseling or couples therapy. Too many people think that couples therapy is just an expensive way of extending a relationship by a few months, only to inevitably break up a few months down the line. But, contrary to what most people believe, the purpose of relationship counseling isn 't to extend or fix relationships. While it is awesome when counseling achieves these things, the main goals usually consist of improving communication, teaching the, “win/win” conflict
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