Conflict Between Conflict And Conflict Management

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The most important point is that conflict in organizations is increasing as they become more complex, culturally diverse, and global. Conflict has been thought of as necessary at times to keep the wheels of progress turning. Therefore, concentration on conflict in organizations has went from strategies to try to eliminate it to managing it. One issue is training managers how to manage that conflict. Conflict can be detrimental or beneficial to the organization. In order to be beneficial, leaders must be able to manage it appropriately. According to (Lang, 2009) supervisors spend about 18% of their time managing conflict in the workplace. Conflict management is a time consuming issue in organizations that can be detrimental if not handled correctly. The need for training in conflict management has become a significant issue inside organizations. Training in the undergraduate setting in some business schools does not have the consideration it is getting in the workplace. Conflict resolution is only being taught in a small percentage of schools as part of undergraduate work in many programs. The lack of training in conflict management in the undergraduate setting, produces managers who are not prepared to handle issues that have been proven to take up a large percentage of time. They are forced to handle these situations without having ever been exposed to proper solution techniques, and then are required to learn as they go. Not having expert training or education will cause…
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