Conflict Between Conflict And Conflict Management

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Whenever there is a difference of opinion there will also be a chance for some form of conflict to arise. To resolve and manage conflict, any organization or persons’ must try to understand the causes, theories, approaches and strategies of conflict management. Resolving conflict requires a great deal of attention and thorough understanding in seeking resolution. In this review, conflict management will be explored in general from different perspectives in light of how conflict effects teams or groups, workplace relationships and recommended strategies or styles that help to manage it.
Keywords: Conflict management, approaches, causes, understanding, management
Conflict Management
Conflict management is when “legitimate differences between people can quickly spiral out of control, resulting in the breakdown of effective communication” (Business In fairness, conflict has been around for many years and will continue to be around for many more. When it comes to conflict in general, the amount of stress an individual feels when conflict arises will depend on the way that individual thinks about the perceived problem. Conflict in your workplace is normal, but not easy. Same can be said about unresolved conflict in an organization which can result in a drop in productivity. There’s been countless studies of conflict management in and out of organizations. While all conflict isn’t bad, its goal should be to create a healthy dialog where resolution is the top
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