Conflict Between Cultural Unwritten Law And Unwritten Modern Law Essay

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In the Busoga culture, men are considered to have authority within the family setting. The various household tasks are divided among women and the older girls. Women are usually economically dependent on the male who is the next of kin. This dependency causes women to lack significant influence in family and community matters. It ties male relationships to the sustenance and also the survival of children in the family. According to the law, a wife who has a husband is entitled to fifteen percent of the spouse’s estate after the husband dies. There is however, conflict between cultural unwritten law and unwritten modern law. Cultural laws usually take precedence. About one third of the people in Uganda are Roman Catholic. Most people from the Busoga community have established a set of beliefs about nature and the universe through the combination of local and world religions. There is also a growth in religious discourses that have all been centered on spirits, witchcraft and the possession of spirits. Church membership has had influences on education, employment and also social advances for the Busoga. Religious practitioners help people deal with pain, suffering and also defeat by providing an explanation on the causes of the things happening to the individuals. The Busoga are a Bantu-speaking society that believe in the existence of God. In Uganda, women are prominent traditional healers. People however, tend to seek medical assistance from hospitals and medical

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